4 March 2023

Snowboarding is my happy place. I got to go snowboarding today. It very much is my happy place. That is all. :-)

Me at the top of the lift

14 January 2023

As you may have seen from the last entry, I didn't quite hit the stretch goal of 1200 run/walk miles for the year, though I did hit the original goal of 1100 miles. For biking, I was basically one ride short of the 300 mile goal as I completed 286 miles. I'm actually quite proud of both as they are both an improvement over 2021. I probably could have hit them. One reason why I did not was that I picked up a chest cold or something for a bit in December and took it easy so it wouldn't turn into pneumonia or something right as I was going to go on vacation. There was also a decrease in motivation - perhaps due to the rain and certainly the ice storm we had one day. All in all, I'm satisfied with the numbers though a teeny-tiny part of me wishes I could have done more in December -- but such is life.

Chart showing miles run per year

The problem is that the lack of motivation has continued into January. Here we are, almost halfway through January, and I only have 15 or so miles because I am just not feeling like doing anything. I know I want to change up my goal and haven't quite decided what the goal for 2023 should be -- but mostly I'm struggling with a severe lack of motivation. Not just with running, but with most things. Sigh.

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