Welcome to the Lizzardzone!

Welcome to the Lizzard Zone, the web home for the latest on me and my family. I'm Lizzard, a technology loving Deafie. I'm married to Fox, the cutest ASL teacher in the world. We have a 18 year old son (Jake), a 16 year old daughter (Marisol), and a 12 year old son (Cody). We have 3 cats, a mama and her two daughters, who keep us quite entertained with their antics.


Marisol is our daughter and middle child. She moved in with us when she was 8 and was adopted at the age of 9 1/2. She is an artist and is often found either making a new masterpiece or reading. Or sleeping. She's very much the sterotypical teenager when it comes to sleeping. She claims to speak fluent "cat" (as in being a cat whisperer) and is developing an interest in cooking. She loves all things Hamilton. Actually, I'd say her obsession about Hamilton has an obsession about Hamilton. That's how much she likes it.

I confess that I've always been nervous about what to do if I had a daughter since I'm not the "girly" type. Fortunately, Marisol picked up hairdo and fashion skills before she moved in, so I haven't had to worry about how to do her hair. She always looks great, though her hair style sometimes seems to change from day to day. Not quite sure how she does that.

Marisol has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I've ever known -- and that includes myself!

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