Welcome to the Lizzardzone!

Welcome to the Lizzard Zone, the web home for the latest on me and my family. I'm Lizzard, a technology loving Deafie. I'm married to Fox, the cutest ASL teacher in the world. We have a 17 year old son (Jake), a 15 year old daughter (Marisol), and an 11 year old son (Cody). We have 4 cats and a dog, all of which keep us very entertained with their antics.


Cody is our youngest child. As the only surviving biological child, he's the only one we've raised since birth. He took the additions of Jake and Marisol to the family very easily, which is a little weird since I would think it'd be hard to go from the only child to the youngest. He is reading far beyond his grade level in school and is obsessed with all things Zelda, much like me. He loves learning about other countries since seeing their different flags during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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