Welcome to the Lizzardzone!

Welcome to the Lizzard Zone, the web home for the latest on me and my family. I'm Lizzard, a technology loving Deafie. I'm married to Fox, the cutest ASL teacher in the world. We have a 17 year old son (Jake), a 15 year old daughter (Marisol), and an 11 year old son (Cody). We have 4 cats and a dog, all of which keep us very entertained with their antics.


Jade joined our family in May 2017, just under 7 years old. She needed to be rehomed because of a divorce in the family and we wanted a good sized but safe dog. From the first time she came over, she's amazed us with how gentle and (usually) tolerant she is. Sometimes Cosmo irks her but usually they get along. She's very interested in all the barn cats that live around us but hasn't had the chance to chase them.

It's extremely obvious to anyone that Fox is far and away her favorite person. We'd actually assumed she would gravitate towards the kids since they are the messy eaters.

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